Gen. Chinotto barrackThe CoESPU trainees have become the nucleus of gendarme-like peacekeeping robust police forces able to carry out their duties in the PSO context, particularly in destabilized environments.
Since its creation, CoESPU has functioned as a training centre as well as a doctrinal hub for SPUs developing common operational procedures for the employment of Gendarme or Carabinieri-like forces in PSO.
In accordance with CoESPU mission, the Centre:

  • offers training programs, including 'train the trainer' courses and pre-deployment training for specific missions;
  • expands on existing doctrine, specifically with regard to crowd control, combating organized crime, high risk arrests, and prison security, protection of sensitive targets, election security, VIP security and border control;
  • provides interoperability training with the relevant military forces, civilian institutions and other deployed police components involved in the PSO;
  • provides a site for testing and verifying the achieved capabilities of the nations of trained personnel;
  • conducts assessments of lessons learned/after-action reviews to incorporate into future training;
  • coordinates potential equipment requirements for deployments to international operations, in accordance with CoESPU training;United Nation building
  • interacts with international and regional organizations such as the UN, NATO, OSCE, the EU, the AU, ECOWAS; academic and research institutions (such as the UN Staff College, George Marshall Centre, Sant'Anna Institute University, etc.); national and international military research institutions (UN DPKO; NATO Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, EU Police Unit; International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) in Sanremo (Italy); U.S. Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute and U.S. Army Centre for Lessons Learned); the European Gendarmerie Force, whose headquarters is collocated in the CoESPU barracks.
  • Develops doctrinal proposal and common operating procedures to be applied during the robust police PSO activity.